Department of Materials and Technology

Our focus on the educational activities is mostly related to our research activities. Namely, the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, diagnostics, management, etc. We provide education in all Faculty programs (bachelor, master, doctoral programmes).

We are two complementary teams of material researchers (under the leadership of Prof. Ing. Aleš Hamáček, Ph.D.) and diagnostics (under the leadership of Assoc. prof. Ing. František Steiner, Ph.D.).

We are providing our laboratories not only for educational purposes but also for research activities and custom activities with our industrial partners. Our Department includes many specific related laboratories, such as the laboratory of smart textiles, chemistry, sensor testing, and clean rooms for sensitive handling activities. In the field of diagnostics, we have  the computed tomography laboratory (CT), accelerated aging test laboratory, a high voltage dielectric laboratory, acoustic laboratories (with reverberation and an anechoic chamber), and microscope laboratory (we are regional reference place of Olympus Czech Group, s.r.o.).

In addition, the Department collaborates on specific tasks with external companies, such as classroom lectures, field trips, and collaboration on thesis topics.

Summary of our activities:

  • materials and technologies for electrical engineering
  • smart textiles
  • deposition technologies, printed and organic electronics
  • smart sensors, multisensory systems
  • testing of environmental effects on the reliability of electronics, materials, and devices
  • diagnostics of interconnect structures, materials, and devices
  • Physico-chemical phenomena in electronic materials
  • development of special measurement technology, software, and new measurement methods
  • acoustic measurements and acoustic signal processing
  • modelling, optimization, evaluation, and performance management of business processes

prof. Ing. Ales Hamacek, Ph.D.

Head of Department

+420 377 634 533


doc. Ing. Frantisek Steiner, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of Department

+420 377 634 535


Mgr. Michaela Hanusova

Administrative Assistant

+420 377 634 501